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 Megaca maintain the highest quality industry standards through its stringent Supply Chain Management and Quality Control Procedures, which is a detailed, standardized procedures for the receiving and inspection of electronic components. Megaca Quality Team is well trained to insure that the customers receive the highest quality products in a timely manner and that all specified packing, labelling and delivery requirements are accurately met.


Keys To Zero-Defect Quality Management

Megaca Quality Management begins with the procurement process, which includes supplier screening tests, supplier classification and ongoing supplier performance ratings. We believe that the “source’” is essential to quality control.


Detailed QC procedures, including visual inspection of products and packing, electronic measurement, image collection, comparison to manufacturer specifications and functional and electronic testing, are executed by experienced Megaca QC experts.


Partnered with world-classTesting Centers, Megaca is equipped do all kinds of sample testing for any suspect electronic components.


Megaca Quality Management also contains on-time delivery with customer-specified instructions, such as customer labelling, packing and invoicing. Utilizing preferred logistics partners, Megaca's capabilities include transporting products around the globe in the time required and cost-effectively

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